Christmas 2020 is looming!

Decoration Ideas


Door Stops

How do you decorate in the festive season?

I have to say I sometimes have to put on the brakes at Christmas when I am 'trimming up'....  I could completely go to town and end up with some tacky grotto if I let myself so I stick to minimal decs and a few twinkly lights!  How do you decorate?  Some people like to be totally colour coordinated with their home colour scheme and others just go with the flow.  My friend Debbie is a big fan of Christmas and her home is always well decorated and looks beautiful - I don't know how she does it!  Anyway however you do yours I think I have a great selection of decorations with more coming all the time...  keeps your eyes on the page and Facebook for new stock.

Great Gift Ideas

So Many Options. Where to Start?

We also have lots of gift ideas in at the moment.  These mugs are great for couples who are finally able to get married in 2021!  Again new stock is coming in all the time so keep your eyes peeled for lovely Christmas gifts.

Mr & Mrs Mugs.jpg